Exterior Detailing

More than just a detail

All products used during the washing process are specifically designed to gently remove all dirt and grime, without damaging the exterior surfaces or protective coatings. Hand washing/drying also eliminates the potential for water-spots or surface stains from occurring. Our wash is a vital ingredient to prolonging the life of your protective coating.

Premium Hand Wash

The process begins with a foam cannon treatment to free dirt and debris before the washing process. The exterior will then be completely washed down by hand with premium microfiber cloths using the two-bucket system. A pH-balanced iron remover will be applied to decontaminate wheels preventing iron-related damage.

  • Deep Clean Wheels

  • Clean Wheel Wells

  • Gentle Hand Wash

  • No Sling Tire Shine

  • Complimentary Vacuum 

Coupes/Sedans : $50

Trucks/SUVS: $70

Premium Hand Wash + Protection

This package includes everything offered with our premium hand-wash. With this option, all exterior paint will be treated with clay bar to completely decontaminate paint of all dirt, tar, overspray, bugs, industrial fallout, etc. Then, the exterior is coated with our professional-grade sealant offering up to 3 months of protection.


  • Deep Clean Wheels

  • Clean Wheel Wells

  • Gentle Hand Wash

  • Paint Clay Bar Decontamination

  • No Sling Tire Shine

  • 3-Month Sealant

  • Complimentary Vacuum 

Coupes: $100

Sedans: $125

Trucks/SUVS: $150

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