Driver’s Vision is Enhanced at Times of Inclement Weather

Our patented hydrophobic glass coating is a one-time application that includes a 3-year warranty. Our two-step professionally installed application creates a barrier to repel water, snow, ice, dust, oil, and dirt creating a resistant and easy to clean surface. Some of the major benefits include enhanced optical clarity, better driver vision, safety for the driver and all passengers, a reduction in day and night glare, and a more aesthetically appealing look to your vehicle glass.

Windshield Only: $100

Coupe/Sedan: $200

Truck/SUV: $250

Obstacle Course | GlassParency

Obstacle Course | GlassParency

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Additional Window Services


Water Stain Removal

Using a variety of different cleaning products and equipment, we safely remove all hard water stains on exterior glass.

Price: $50-$200

IGL Ecocoat Window

Ecocoat window allows for a super water repellent surface and prevents water spotting with high wiper wear resistance. This allows for safe driving conditions during heavy rain. Not only does it repel rain and dirt, your windows will defrost faster and easier.

Windshield Only: $60

Coupe/Sedan: $100

Truck/SUV: $150